All emergency response teams serving fixed facilities frequented by large numbers of the general public - such as trade fairs, race tracks, airports, stations, camp sites and holiday resorts - can now cut their response times with this version of the Skatework equipped like a genuine ambulance, saving precious time and, perhaps, lives. In this version, the medium load basket contains the most important materials and equipment to resuscitate patients and deliver first aid while waiting for medical personnel to arrive on the scene.
  • Operator backrest kit
  • Backpack containing a bag-valve-mask, face masks, reservoirs, cannula needles, saline solution, catheters, sterile bandages, scissors, gauze, a pulse oximeter, a sphygmomanometer, a stethoscope, gloves etc.
  • Automatic resuscitator - defibrillator (DAE)
  • 2 litre oxygen bottle with oxygen mask
  • Cervical collar immobilisers in 3 sizes
  • Splint bandages in 5 sizes
  • Battery operated portable ventilator
  • Folding spinal board in aluminium with straps.
  • Radio frequency transceiver connected with emergency service switchboard (for emergency teams associated with local hospital authority)
  • Flashing blue emergency light
  • Special siren
Where crowds of people block the way, the sheer size an ambulance can often make it difficult for an emergency team to reach the scene - and in an emergency, even a few minutes can make the difference! With Skatework (using a vehicle for each team member - in general, two vehicles are sufficient to perform effective resuscitation), getting to the scene of the event is much easier, with the emergency team arriving literally centimetres away from the victim and starting first aid while they wait for the ambulance to make its way through the crowd. The vehicle may also be equipped with a buffer battery for operating 12V medical devices such as a portable ventilator or the LifePack semiautomatic defibrillator. Skatework - a life-saving guardian angel for the unfortunate visitor….
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Syncro plus drawer unit kit
Syncro plus drawer unit kit
Syncro plus drawer unit kit
Syncro plus drawer unit kit
Syncro plus drawer unit kit
Syncro plus drawer unit kit